Reflection #2: Making Every Minute Count

Name of the article, class, or workshop: 
Making Every Minute Count

20 November 2016

What I learned from the article, class or workshop (summary):

There are practices and situations that affect the amount of time allotted for teaching-learning activities in schools. Transitions, unnecessary interruptions, uncontrolled bathroom breaks among students, and tardiness and absences are some of them. This article offers a variety of ways to maximize instructional time for schools. The following are the recommendations of National Center on Time and Learning.
  • Engage your leadership team in an assessment and discussion of how well your school is using time currently.

  • Make every minute count in class by strengthening core instruction and improving bell-to-bell teaching strategies.

  • Make high profile changes in school routines, rules, and norms that signal a commitment to maximize learning time.

  • Focus on attendance. If students are not present, they cannot learn.

Reading this article made me realize that my co-teacher and I can improve our routines and practices to minimize the loss of valuable time for instructions. Scroll down to view my action plan to maximize teaching-learning time.

How will I integrate my learning into my instruction (plan):

I will discuss this matter with my co-teacher so we can both think of ways to maximize our students' time for learning. So far, here are some of what I think are necessary steps in doing so.
  • Start and end classes on time. When one is teaching, the other shall be the timekeeper.

  • Limit the checking/recording of attendance to 2-3 minutes.  
  • Limit the time for line formation to 2 minutes.

  • Monitor and record the transition time particularly in going to and back from the Arabic room and discuss the results with the students and administrators concerned.

  • Enforce the rules in bathroom breaks. (No pass, no exit. Use the bathroom during breaks and in between subjects.) 

More of the plan of actions above shall be added after a discussion with my co-teacher.

The use of students' pass had been very successful in limiting the number of students leaving the classroom. Since we implemented this rule, only one student could go to the bathroom.

On the transition from the classroom to the Arabic classroom, the duration of the transfer had been cut short. We also try to shorten the amount of time that we prepare them to move from one classroom to another.

On attendance checking, it done regularly and always on time and I do it in just about a minute or so. Setting a reminder to check students' attendance on my phone really helps. 

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