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Resource Page for Creating Online Teacher Portfolio

Are you interested in creating an online teaching portfolio like this? I can help you. Click here for details.

This website was created in 2016 primarily to showcase my teaching credentials. However, it recently evolved into a resource page for creating online teacher portfolio. 

Online Teacher Portfolio (A Look at the Future)

In the near future, teacher resumes and CVs will no more be necessary. School administrators will simply look at teacher-applicants' online portfolio. To prepare yourself for the future, you better start creating your own teacher portfolio online.

Creating online teacher portfolio can have a number of great advantages such as the following:

  • Teachers will be able to maintain an online cache (depository) of all information relevant to teaching. Click this link to view the page that features my teaching experience.

  • Online teacher portfolio can be accessed and updated by the owner/author anywhere and anytime using any type on device connected to the internet (e.g. smartphones and tablets) in real time.

  • Teachers can present their portfolio to anyone during their job search by simply providing them a link to it. No printing and physical submission of the CV/resume  is necessary. Therefore, it is a more nature-friendly and cost-free approach than what we all used to do. Below is example of the link to my online portfolio that you can simply mention in your cover letter or resume.

  • Teachers can include unlimited information on their online teacher portfolio as compared to the limited 2-page resume. In this manner, teachers will be able to showcase all interesting accomplishments that they may want to include to impress their prospective employer without worrying about the limits.

  • Even when teachers submit a CV or printed resume, it is a great advantage to have a link to their online portfolio in it. Employers that may be interested to know more about them can simply visit the online portfolio. 

Below is a what your resume will look like when you include the link to your online portfolio.

Take a look to some of these online teacher portfolio that I found on the internet. 

Creating and maintain an online teacher portfolio can have disadvantages, too. 
  • Online teaching portfolio is public. Some teacher's personal information can be seen by many people including those that have nothing to do with the application. They must be careful with anything that they add to their portfolio. 

  • If not done right, a poorly worded and ill-drafted portfolio can definitely cost them their chance of getting an interview and ultimately, a job. 

Creating and Maintaining an Online Teacher Portfolio

Creating and maintaining an online teacher portfolio is absolutely FREE! You can choose from a variety of free website builder online such as Blogger, WordPress, and Weebly. However, you have a choice of maintaining a more personalized webpage address such as but you need to spend money in doing so. It is optional.

For teachers who would like to create their own online portfolio and require some help, I can definitely help. I can set up your webpage within a few days. You should be able to publish your own online teaching portfolio within a week depending on your availability to enter your information.

Send your inquiries to Use the title: Online Teacher Portfolio