Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Online Teaching Portfolio

Hello there!

It's good to have you here.

This website showcases my online portfolio, a project that was inspired by our school's desire to change the way teachers are appreciated. Instead of using traditional ways in evaluating teachers, our administrators assess our performance based on our efforts to learn and improve. We set our goals for the year. Then, we try to achieve those goals. 

Arturo de Luna (2013)

Rodeo, Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX, USA (2013)
I had been wanting to create an online portfolio such as this for a long time but I had no idea to make one. Thanks to one of my mentors, Mr. Jad Abdel Sater, for sharing with us a very good resource on how to create an online portfolio. I would also like to give credit to Center for Teaching of Vanderbilt University and Dr. Natalie B. Millman for sharing a sample of an online portfolio for teachers. This portfolio of mine is not as good as Dr. Millman's but I try to make this as interesting as can be.

Would you be interested in creating your own online portfolio? I can help you. Click here for details.

This is a work in progress. I suggest that you visit this page every once in a while to see some additional inputs. I will make to my best to add one or two reflections each month.

Thank you for your time. See y'all soon!